Admission for non-Saudi's students


A non-Saudi applicant from a Saudi mother is treated as a Saudi student and should not be a candidate for admission to any other university if desires to study at Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University. The application is submitted through the admission portal using the IQAMA number. Upon submission, the applicant will be required to attach a clear copy of the birth certificate, Copy of valid IQAMA.
Apply by entering the registration number of the student issued by the ministry of interior (five - year cards). A displaced tribes student or a Non- Saudi student who desires to study at the University of Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal should not be a candidate for admission at any other university otherwise the request will be rejected by the Non- Saudi scholarship system. The application will be submitted through the admission portal, using the residence (IQAMA) number. Available programs will appear to the students. Non- Saudi candidates will be asked to upload a clear and valid copy of their IQAMA. Displaced tribes candidates will be asked to upload a clear and valid copy of their guardian five year cards paper, and a copy proves the student's registration number issued by Ministry of Interior.


Applying for non-Saudis is possible by entering passport number.


Scholarship Procedures


The admission requirements applicable to Saudis in Higher education institution should be applied to students of internal and external scholarship


  1. The Applicant’s age doesn’t exceed (30) years for master's and (35) years For PhD.
  2. The Government of the student country should approve to study in the Kingdom.
  3. The student should not have received another scholarship from any other university in the Kingdom.
  4. Certificates and documents from the competent authorities designated by the educational institutions.
  5. Must not have dismissed from any university in the kingdom.
  6. Passing the medical examination determined by the regulations and instructions (for students of external scholarships and applicants in health tracks).