Program requirements
It is a major requirement and your application can’t be considered if you do not attach such documents.
You could contact the program coordinator in the designated college to be acquainted with study time.
No, you are allowed to apply for only one preference.
It is not possible to study two programs together, whether in the same university or any other university. This will cancel your admission at once.
Yes, it is possible, but if you are accepted into one of the two universities, you must cancel your admission to the other university.
A new application is required, and the system will link your ID number to the previous application information. The title of the program you want to apply for must also be modified.
Please see the application guidelines and follow the steps
The application is processed electronically via the university website.
The browser that supports the program is (Firefox)
No, the program does not send notifications for such issues.
When the registration process cannot be completed, this could be due to the presence of temporary files in the browser that hinder the process. The temporary files must be deleted from the browser (cookies).
This is either because the file size is too large, so their size needs to be reduced, or because the extension of the attachments is different from the specified extensions.
Attaching all the specified documents for the program is necessary to complete the registration process.
This can be resolved by searching our site for the start date of the academic year of the qualification enrolling.
By tracking the status of the application in the SIS system
The email will be found in your junk mail
Yes, to match the original documents and attend the admission test.
Date for application again will be announced later on.